Nursing & Care Home Insurance

NurseArranging Nursing Home Insurance and Care Home Insurance needs to be handled by an experienced insurance broker with knowledge of this highly specialised sector and who understands that every nursing home and care establishment has different needs and requirements.

At Prizm we simply do not believe in standard policies and a one size fits all.  Our approach is very different to other insurance brokers you may have come across.  For us every business is different, so you will have different requirements for your Care Home Insurance or Nursing Home Insurance to cover.  We will take some time to understand your business and how you work, and then tailor an individual policy.  Why should you pay for stuff lumped into a policy that you don’t need?  Or where you have a requirement a little outside the norm we will make sure you are covered.

We are expert insurance brokers and using our vast experience of the care home sector we will tailor an individual policy to the specific requirements you have for your Care Home Insurance or Nursing Home Insurance.

Have You Had An Issue Arranging Care Home Insurance or Nursing Home Insurance?

  • Abuse cover? Not a problem!
  • Dispensing Medication? Not a problem!
  • Previous Financial or Criminal backgrounds? Usually not a problem!

A Nursing Home Insurance or Care Home Insurance policy for your type of business usually has certain basic sections of cover which can be added to depending upon how your organisation works.

For example; most businesses (including care homes and nursing homes) will need to cover their assets against loss or damage; the business will need to cover their earnings if they can’t trade – and most importantly of all, they’ll need to cover their liabilities in case a member of staff or a resident or a member of the public is hurt or injured or something gets damaged.

 A Brief Guide To The Basic Sections of Care Home Insurance and Nursing Home Insurance

Property Insurance 

You will need to cover the care or nursing home buildings (if they are yours) and/or tenants improvements (which is whatever has been spent inside the property on the fabric of the building) plus the stock and the fixtures and fittings.  The cover will usually be against risks such as fire, storm, flood, theft, vandalism, impact plus less common risks such as earthquake, aircraft or lightning.

Business Interruption Insurance (which is also sometimes called Loss of Profits insurance)

If something happens that causes damage to your care home or nursing home property, you can also cover your business against the profits you lost or the extra costs you incurred because you couldn’t trade. This can also cover you losing profits if your gas supply is interrupted or an electricity cable gets dug up. It is almost endless as to what could potentially prevent your business from trading, we’ve even heard of an unexploded bomb from World War II resulting in a business being evacuated!  We have lots of experience to make sure you are covered as well as possible.

Money Insurance

To put this simply Money Insurance covers the theft of cash.  But we must point out that you will not be covered if you have not taken sensible precautions.  For example if you leave £50,000 in cash in your handbag or briefcase and this is stolen – do not expect your insurance company to pay the claim! Money Insurance can also cover assault, so it would pay a small benefit if someone got hurt during a robbery.

Glass Insurance: 

To most people it will be relatively obvious and essential that Nursing Home Insurance or Care Home Insurance needs to have glass breakage as part of the cover. This would cover the cost of boarding up and replacing broken windows and signage.  Sanitary fittings can also be insured against damage.

Liability Insurance 

As experienced insurance brokers this is the element of Nursing Home Insurance and Care Home Insurance that we think is the most important.

This section of the policy covers:

Employers Liability Insurance

This covers your business should a member of your care home or nursing home
staff get hurt and then sues you.

Public Liability Insurance

This policy section covers someone who isn’t a member of your staff that is hurt and sues you – for example a visitor falling over, and Products Liability, this is in case something you supply hurts somebody.  This could be especially important, but not limited to, a business that serves food because as an example Liability Insurance will cover you if you fail to mention a product contains nuts or seafood. You need big levels of cover for these kinds of claims as legal costs alone can hit six figures, let alone any payment that you may need to pay to the injured person.


Abuse Cover

The biggest problem for nursing homes and care home businesses is abuse.  The vast majority of insurance policies do NOT include cover for abuse (or allegations of abuse) and therefore in the event of a claim, you would have to deal with all the costs and the negative publicity yourself.  It is therefore crucial to get a quotation including abuse cover if at all possible, and we have access to specialist insurers who can provide this aspect of cover.

More Options To Consider For Nursing Home Insurance and Care Home Insurance

You can also add to the basic insurance by including cover for, Terrorism, Theft by Employees (also known as fraud), Frozen Food Deterioration, Legal Expenses and Cyber Liability Insurance.

Most policies that we source have a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year claims reporting line.  We do this because Care Homes and Nursing Homes are 24/7 businesses and things often happen outside of the normal Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 office hours!

Business insurance is NOT compulsory but if something unpleasant is going to happen, you need to consider who will have to pay for the consequences? The choice for a business owner is stark, it is you or your insurance company. Either way, whether you’ve got Care Home Insurance or Nursing Home Insurance or not the unpleasant thing will still happen irrespective of the existence of an insurance policy!

We are living in a more and more litigious society, so we believe it is our duty to make our clients aware of the insurance protection they should consider.  We have a great deal of experience in creating excellent Care Home Insurance and Nursing Home Insurance packages.  Just call us, talk to one of our experienced team and we can advise you.

Chosing The Right Broker For Your Care Home Insurance Or Nursing Home Insurance

We are a business that prides ourselves on working in an honest and ethical manner. We simply won’t work with any insurance provider who has not got at least a ‘BBB’ credit rating, and ideally an ‘A’ credit rating.

We are here to guide you and recommend the most suitable policy for you because there are literally hundreds of offshore insurance companies operating in the UK.  We only deal with insurers whose accounts have been independently verified so you can be very confident that they will be there to pay out, in the event of a claim.

We will always treat you with honesty and transparency.  We prefer to charge our clients a fee, rather than take commission from insurance companies, and in almost every case this is exactly what we do.  By working in this way you know that you are getting the best advice and we are working in your interests not placing your insurance with the company that will give the highest level of commission, and you can see exactly what we are charging for our service.

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