Parametric Insurance – Whats That?

People say nothing is ever new, it’s always a case of re-inventing the wheel. Actually, that isn’t always the case, take the WonderCover parametric insurance policy for example.Unlike normal insurance policies, parametric insurances are ... Read More

Cancelling your Business insurance? The consequences – Part 2

Carrying on from my previous blog, if you want to save money please think before you cancel your insurances, as there could be unforeseen consequences.Firstly, there are several types of insurance which are arranged on a ‘claims made’ ba... Read More

Cancelling your Business insurance? The consequences

OK, OK we all resent paying for insurance, yes even us! It goes on the wrong side of the balance sheet & the papers are full of how insurers don’t pay out when the Government locks down the whole UK and your business gets interrupted.M... Read More

What’s The Cost Of Cyber Insurance & The Consequences Of Not Being Insured?

Ransomware is a growing business. So, to is the need f... Read More

50% Of Cyber Incidents Are Caused By Human Error, Cyber Insurance Is Essential

In the event of a cyber-attack your cyber insurance gives you access... Read More

Your Business Insurance Is Unlikely To Cover You For A Cyber-Attack

Cyber insurance is a must. I am not setting out to deliberately alarm you... Read More

An unforeseen consequence of a failed business

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What the **** are the ‘Ogden Tables’ and why is it affecting my insurance premium?

If you’re wondering why your insurance premium has gone up – it could have a lot to do with you and your claims record; it could be the fact that the Government (be it red or blue) keep increasing the rate of tax on insurance policies, taxin... Read More

Unoccupied Properties and Insurance – what you need to know

The first question that needs answering is ‘What IS an unoccupied property’? And, like most things in the wonderful world of insurance it’s not a straightforward answer.Strictly speaking, a (residential) property is unoccupied/vacant a... Read More

WTF is ‘Cyber’ Insurance?

For starters it’s a really stupid name. It sounds like something from a 1960’s movie – ‘Attack of the Killer Corndog’s’ or ‘The Aardvark Cyber Incident’ but it’s a name, a title, something for the marketing people to TELL YOU T... Read More