Happy February!

Happy February everyone. Don't forget to turn over your Prizm calendar - this months pin-up is Matthew, sorry Bananaman! If anyone doesn't have the best calendar around - let us know and we can let you have one. ... Read More

Your Votes Are Needed

Only 2 more days left on The Best Of Business of the Year 2017 - if you would like to leave us a review and make us the best Insurance business on 'The Best Of' then please follow the link below. ... Read More

Happy Birthday

Its our Admin Assistants Birthday today - Happy Birthday Princess Megan - your wish is our command (but only for today!) ... Read More

How exposed is your business to the threat of arson?

How exposed is your business to the threat of arson? With 45% of insurance fire claims attributed to arson, this is a significant issue and one that needs to be considered as part of your overall fire strategy. Have a look at our arson checkl... Read More

The Perils of Underinsurance and the Pitfalls to Avoid

When taking out a household policy you are asked to assess the value of your home and assets. For many this is fine, and for many the insurer’s standard limits are high enough to allay any fears. However, when things such as jewellery, fine ar... Read More