Charity Insurance and Voluntary Organisations Insurance

Charity InsuranceWe are insurance experts, but, unusually for a team of insurance brokers, most of us have at some time in our lives volunteered and/or worked in what is known as the Third Sector. Which at its simplest, means putting someone or something else first before yourself. Because of this Third Sector experience we have become experts in charity insurance and voluntary associations insurance.

Our experience in the charity and voluntary sector is an ideal preparation for the insurance industry actually, because that is exactly how a good broker should work – putting their clients ahead of themselves. Treating customers fairly.

It’s a grand concept – but many brokers just regard charities and voluntary organisations as either a cash cow or something too small to care about.

We disagree. We care passionately about giving back. We have over 70 years of experience and when we formed Prizm we decided we’d had enough of playing poacher so we became a gamekeeper and decided that the fairest way to treat clients, especially charities and voluntary associations, was to charge them the absolute minimum we needed to cover our costs – because it’s the right thing to do and the money we’d save the charity by arranging cost effective charity insurance or the voluntary organisation by arranging cost effective voluntary associations insurance could then be spent on better things – such as caring for the things that really matter.

That doesn’t mean we cut corners on cover, but we do deal with a number of insurers who specialise in charities and voluntary associations sector therefore we always aim to give the charity honest and impartial advice, with a view to making sure they get what they need and pay no more than absolutely necessary for it.

Bespoke charity insurance cover and voluntary organisation insurance cover. Tailored specifically for what is needed.

It doesn’t matter whether you are caring for cats, dogs, ponds, buildings or even people. We will do what we can to help you. What makes Prizm Solutions different from most brokers is that whenever we can, which is in most cases, we don’t take a commission from the insurance companies for placing the business with them. Instead, we work on a fee basis so that our earnings are transparent, which we feel is more ethical.

Please contact us by clicking here to arrange for one of our team to call back so we can discuss your requirements and help you make an informed decision regarding charity insurance or voluntary association insurance or any other insurance for that matter. Or email us if you would like to receive a quotation.