Coronavirus update

We have had many enquiries from our clients regarding the cover that applies for COVID-19. We would like to clarify this for you.

Business premises insurance

Under most standard insurance contracts there is no cover under the specified diseases extension as COVID-19 is not one of the specified diseases that are covered. A few insurance policies do cover ‘unspecified notifiable diseases’ but these are the exception & you will have had to effectively close your premises & have suffered an economic loss in order to make a successful claim.

Rest assured, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, Employers’ and Public Liability policies do provide an indemnity to the policyholder if the policyholder is held legally liable for accidental bodily injury or illness arising in connection with the policyholder’s business.

In the event of a disease outbreak, all organisations have a key role to play in managing the risks to the health and safety of employees and maintaining critical services.

Thanks to Ecclesiastical Insurance we have obtained a simple business continuity self-assessment based on a disease outbreak. The aim of the assessment is to highlight issues you need to consider to prepare for a disease outbreak that may disrupt your business. (See below)

Travel Insurance

If your doctor says you cannot travel due to illness then yes, you will be insured, simply get a doctors note as proof. However if you simply elect not to travel because you don’t want to, then no, you won’t be insured.

If an event you are attending gets cancelled, as long as you can submit proof of this then most travel insurance policies will cover the cancellation costs you’ve incurred.

coronavirus business continuity self assessment


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