Employers Liability Insurance


We are based in Tamworth but for many years we have provided bespoke insurance Liability coverage for any businesses operating in Staffordshire, the greater West Midlands and throughout the United Kingdom.

Employers Liability insurance is one of the few compulsory business insurances in the UK due to the terms of the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969.

The background to this law was the awful factory conditions of the 19th Century which could result in employees being maimed or killed and the employer not having enough money to compensate them.

The definition of employee under this legislation is very different to that used by other Government departments and includes anyone working for you under a contract of employment (be it written or verbal), an apprentice, a volunteer and even possibly the self-employed.  At its simplest, if there is a master/servant relationship and you tell someone what to do, then you are legally responsible for anything that happens to them!  So, you need Employers Liability Insurance.

Certain types of businesses are exempt but they are very few and very specific. So, if your businesses is a tiny limited company but has 2 directors then you’ve got to purchase this cover.  If you’re a ‘one man band’ but use labour only sub-contractors, then you should hold Employers Liability insurance. If you’re a small shopkeeper but use casual part time staff, then you too need Employers Liability Insurance.

If you don’t have this cover in place, then the law (which is enforced by the Health & Safety Executive) can impose fines of up to £2,500 per day for each day you don’t hold adequate cover.

The premium is usually determined by what you do, what your employees do, and by how much you pay them.

The cover provided by Prizm Solutions is always tailor-made to the individual requirements of each business, and discounts are available for well run and established businesses especially those who have the following in place:

  • Full Health & Safety Policy with an ongoing contract with an IOSH registered consultant
  • ISO9001
  • Proof of 5 years claims free insurance

What makes Prizm Solutions and our team different from most insurance brokers in Tamworth and throughout the UK is that when offering Employers Liability insurance in most cases we don’t take a commission from the insurance companies for placing the business with them. Instead, we prefer to work on a fee basis so that our earnings are transparent which we feel is more ethical and you can be assured of always getting the most appropriate Employers Liability insurance product for your circumstances.

Whether you are the Director or Proprietor of a business you can be assured of our expert advice and our knowledge of your business sector.  Our team, who are based at our Tamworth insurance broker office are friendly and highly experienced.  If you have a question about any type of business insurance or would like a quotation please use the form below to drop us an email or call us on 01827 313 931.

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