Flood Insurance

Get A Flood Insurance Quote In 90 Seconds

  • Standalone flood insurance from less than £100 per annum for every business or homeworker or commercial property in the UK
  • Only insure the amount you want/need to insure. No need to insure the whole building or your entire stock if you don’t need to
  • 7-day pay-out
  • Fast, easy flood insurance quote in 90 seconds – just call or email us and we can tailor the quote to your requirements
  • Bespoke cover exactly for your needs – additional insurance protection available upon request
  • Pay by credit card or over 10 months by direct debit subject to 7% credit charge (minimum credit charge £35)
  • Underwritten at Lloyds of London – with a guarantee to pay all valid claims

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Tamworth in Flood

FloodFlash Flood Insurance From Prizm In Tamworth

We are one of the few insurance brokers who can exclusively offer FloodFlash insurance.  This flood insurance is a brand new parametric type of insurance. Being a parametric policy simply means the premium for each policy is rated for each individual property that has an external sensor fitted to it.  The flood sensor determines if the property has flooded and sends an instant message to you and to your insurers so that they can pay your claim quickly!

The flood insurance sensor is supplied and fitted by the insurer.  Because this new kind of insurance uses technology it enables us to tailor the amount of cover to your exact needs, so we can give you a very competitive quote. Contact us for a fast quote.

A popular option is to select flood insurance cover with multiple depth triggers so that once the water reaches for example 30cm, you get a pay-out to cover inconvenience type costs.  But if the water level hits for example 1 metre, you get the catastrophe pay-out for whatever your chosen sum insured is, to cover your stock or the anticipated clean up costs to your building and your business!

Call For A Flood Insurance Quote

It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Call us with your postcode and identify your property
  2. Select the trigger depth at which you want the policy to pay out
  3. Tell us how much you want insured

Within 14 days of payment, the sensor is fitted and the policy becomes live!

Flooded Before? We Can Still Provide Flood Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been flooded before, we can still insure you! Details of any and all previous flood loses would be useful but not essential, as cover is available to all commercial properties (including landlord owned properties) in the UK!

And if you get flooded again, as long as the water hits whatever trigger depth you’ve selected within the sensor, you get paid out within 7 days (faster if the banks would process the payment quicker).

You Need To Contact Us For Flood Insurance If…..

You’ve got a BIG flood excess on your flood insurance policy.  No flood cover at all.  You’re paying a fortune to insure yourself against flood because you live in a high-risk zone. 

Just call or email.  We can help save you money and save your business, should you get flooded again.