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Prizm Specialists: Peter, Matt, Iain & Dan

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Peter, Matt, Iain & Dan will guide you through the Motor Insurance policies that Prizm have to offer. They all have a wealth of experience in this very specialised area. Give them a call or drop them an email for more info or request a quote.

Cyber Crime
Crime has changed. Traditional insurance policies do not cover cyber crime. We are one of the top brokers in the UK for cyber protection. Click through to our Cyber Crime Insurance page to see examples of common attacks that would have been covered by this new kind of insurance. Unfortunately, this is a new fact of life for business owners and you need to look at protecting your business. Criminals attack smaller businesses as well as high profile businesses, so don’t renew your traditional business insurance policies without talking to us first about Cyber Crime Insurance.

Cyber Liability
Cyber Liability Insurance is not expensive and some business contracts especially with larger businesses and Government departments stipulate that you must have this kind of insurance. Then there are GDPR consequences to consider. We are the only insurance broker in the UK that really understands cyber liability insurance. We have helped several insurers to create their cyber insurance products and we have an accurate comparison of policies from the leading insurers. One of our directors is one of the top women in IT in the UK and we have run several events on this insurance sector.