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Prizm Specialists: Peter, Matt & Iain

Peter, Matt or Iain will guide you through the insurances that Prizm have to offer. They all have a wealth of experience in this very specialised area. Give Peter, Matt or Iain a call or drop them an email for more info or request a quote.

Intellectual Property
Your most valuable asset is probably your Intellectual Property. You will need a very large pot of money to fight to protect your name or unique ideas. If someone decides that you are infringing their IP and takes action against you, how are you going to pay for this? Intellectual Property insurance will provide the funds and access to specialist help that you will need to make an IP claim or defend one.

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Lottery Win
Cover for the costs of recruiting and training new members of staff should a number of employees resign as a result of a substantial lottery win.

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Prize Indemnity & Event Insurance
Planning an event? Thinking of offering a prize? Then talk to us about Prize Insurance and Event Insurance. These policies offer a wide range of cover including if you need to cancel your event because the weather prevents access, or if you want to offer a Ferrari as a prize and grab headlines!

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Special Events
Insurance for one off events, which could be a business, charity or a personal event – from anything such as an exhibition, an office Christmas party, a sponsored run or a wedding or special birthday party.

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Fidelity Guarantee
This insurance provides indemnity arising from loss as a result of the dishonesty of an employee.

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Legal Expenses
It is likely that during the life of a business you will be involved in a legal dispute. Legal Expenses Insurance can be tailor made or provided as a package of covers which can result in much lower premium costs.

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Defective Title Indemnity
An insurance policy usually offered by sellers & demanded by buyers to protect the buyer (and their lender) from actual or perceived title defects. Usually a one off policy taken out for perpetuity.

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Restrictive Covenant insurance
A Restrictive Covenant is a legally enforceable deed, usually created to protect specified rights concerning the use of land. As an example a restrictive covenant may have been drafted hundreds of years ago, specifying that a given plot of land cannot be used for development purposes. A Restrictive Covenant insurance policy provides for any loss in the value of the property and the legal expenses incurred in defending an attempt to enforce the covenant, subject to the selected limit of indemnity.

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Missing Beneficiary Insurance
An Insurance policy designed for the protection of the executor, administrator or trustee in the event that after a deceased’s person’s estate is distributed, a missing or unknown beneficiary comes forward claiming part of that estate.

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Missing Will Insurance
An Insurance policy designed for the protection of the executor, administrator or trustee in the event of claims from unknown beneficiaries following a will (or a will superior to the one probated) reappearing after distribution.

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