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Prizm Specialists: Peter, Matt & Iain

Peter, Matt or Iain will guide you through the insurances that Prizm have to offer. They all have a wealth of experience in this very specialised area. Give Peter, Matt or Iain a call or drop them an email for more info or request a quote.

Combined Liability
This insurance is tailor-made to the individual requirements of your business and could prove more cost effective because this could include but is not limited to a combination of Employers Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Products Liability Insurance, Directors Liability Insurance and other business insurances.

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Associations & Charities
A bespoke contact designed for charities & ‘not for profit’ organisations including Community Groups. Can include cover for Assets, Liabilities and Earnings as well as Trustee Indemnity.
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Cyber Liability
This is relatively new class of insurance covering you against a long list or risks including negligent acts; errors and omission; breach of confidentiality; libel and slander; downloading of virus to third parties; infringement of third party copyright and liability arising out of data protection legislation; damage to your computer network; loss of revenue; and theft of money.
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Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
The law imposes various duties on the directors and officers of a business. This insurance covers directors and officers against their legal liability for damages, out of court settlements, and legal expenses incurred in defending civil and criminal proceedings. This is particularly relevant to the professional non-executive director who may be a director of a number of companies.
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Employers Liability
This is one of the few compulsory business insurances that businesses operating in the United Kingdom are required to have. If your business has 2 directors then you need this insurance. Certain types of businesses are exempt but these are rare. Make sure you have the right level of Employers Liability Insurance.

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Employment Practices Liability
This covers you against legal liability arising from employment-related issues such as unfair dismissal, discrimination, harassment etc.
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Environmental Liability
Don’t rely on your normal public liability insurance because pollution, if it is covered at all will be limited. Clean ups required by the Environment Agency and other legal requirements can run into multi-thousands of pounds. Talk to us about Environmental Liability insurance for peace of mind you are covered.
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Pension Trustee Liability
The law imposes various responsibilities on the trustees of pension funds and they face the risks of claims for negligence or of a breach of duty in the handling of funds. This policy covers trustees against the costs and expenses incurred in defending such claims.
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Professional Indemnity
Over recent years we have seen an increase in businesses buying Professional Indemnity Insurance cover. For some businesses it is a requirement of their professional bodies, for others it is a requirement of working for Local Government or other public sector bodies or you may simply be looking for peace of mind should a customer make a claim against you.

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Product Recall
Product Recall is not usually covered by Public Liability insurance. So, if you ever had to recall a product this insurance will provide reimbursement for the recall costs and/or financial losses incurred. For peace of mind talk to us about your business and we will give you expert, ethical advice on Product Recall Insurance.
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Public Liability
This insurance covers you against the cost of claims made by the public in connection with your business activities. Different businesses require different levels of cover, so please talk to us and we’ll make sure you get the right level of insurance for you.
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Management Liability
Calling all Managers and Directors working for limited companies. You need to consider Management Liability insurance. Why? Because you can be personally sued and you are not protected simply because you are employed by a limited company. You can be sued as an individual if a government agency, customer, supplier or employee thinks you are responsible for something that went wrong.
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