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Prizm Specialist: Wendy

Wendy will guide you thorugh the Personal Insurance packages that Prizm have to offer. She has a wealth of experience in this very specialised area. Give Wendy a call or drop her an email for more info or request a quote.

Holiday Home Insurance
We are experts in holiday home insurance, and we can insure you anywhere in the UK and even abroad. We have the capability to advise you and insure you today, but watch this space as we are working on ways to reduce your premiums for your holiday home insurance.

Home Insurance
Insurance protection for your own home including Buildings, Contents and Personal Possessions. We specialise in providing cover where the requirements are more unusual such as where cover is required for collections or works of art, or where an individual within the family has personal circumstances such as bankruptcy or criminal convictions, or where the property itself is less straightforward to cover due to tree roots, subsidence or flood.

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Personal Accident
We’ve got a great x-ray image a client, who has now got Personal Accident insurance, has given us permission to use. To see the injury that kept him off work for 8 months click the More Info button below. If you are self employed or the owner or manager of a business you need to consider the impact an absence from work by yourself or members of your team would have on your business. Why not find out about Personal Accident insurance. You may be surprised at how relatively little this insurance costs.

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Personal Travel
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Most motor insurers will only settle a total loss claim up to a maximum of the market value of the vehicle. In some cases, this may be significantly lower than the settlement figure you have to pay the lease company. Gap cover bridges the gap between the two amounts.

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