Staff Profile:

Full Name: Dean Ryan

Job Role: Account Executive

Nickname: Don’t have one. Deano?

3 desert island essentials: Bear Grylls DVDs, DVD player and MP3 player.

Favourite food:  Cannot choose. I love food and I am very lucky to enjoy practically all of it! I like to try new things all the time.

Favourite Drink: Flavoured Imperial Stout, Red Wine, Rum, Whisky and Coffee (not good at choosing favourites)

Favourite Sport/sport team: Football / Everton

Favourite holiday destination: My wife’s home town, Melbourne Australia. I love city breaks, closer to home I would say Barcelona or Budapest.

Favourite thing about working at Prizm: The great office atmosphere.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be: An Archaeologist and an Ambulance driver

When I grow up, I want to be: I don’t plan on growing up. We have no children so I need to be one.

My hobbies include: Sitting with my cats on my lap listening to music, CrossFit, fair weather golf and country walks.

Greatest achievement: Completing an half marathon at 41 after setting a goal when I turned 40 to be smaller and less sedentary. I am much fitter now than I was in my 30s and now enjoy exercise.