Staff Profile:


Full Name: Susan Green

Job Role:
3 desert island essentials:

1. Solar powered iPhone for music                      
2. frying pan with my wok cover for cooking.                                          
3. handsome man servant to do the cooking. 
Favourite food: chocolate
Favourite Drink: coffee weak
Favourite Sport/sport team: Road Cycling
Favourite holiday destination: English CountrySide 

Favourite thing about working at Prizm: Funny/Strange conversation across the office particularly when Mr Peter Robinson is in the building, however on a serious note Prizm is a very organised, forward thinking & proactive company. 
When I was a kid, I wanted to be: Hairdresser 
When I grow up, I want to be: Clown some say I’m already there 
My hobbies include: Road Cycling, Walking, Running, Following tours (Road Cycling) Socialising, Holidaying in our camper van 
Greatest achievement:

Personal: finishing a half marathon, the white peak walk (26 mile walk), a duathlon, and being able to ride my road bike !!      

Business: building up and running my own company in the health & safety business and being able to pass on and teach my own skills and findings  to other individuals, I find it’s a gift to be able to teach others