Personal Accident Protection Insurance

Are you self employed? Just imagine for a moment being unable to earn for several months. Or if you’re a business owner or manager, imagine you are hurt and unable to work or having a member of staff off work for that long? Having Personal Accident Protection insurance would give you a great deal of peace of mind, not only in respect of your personal financial situation but in respect of the financial impact on your business.


What is Personal Accident Insurance?

A Personal Accident Insurance policy will pay out compensation if you are involved in a serious accident that causes injury or even death. It’s designed to help ease the financial impact it has on you (or your family) should this unfortunate event occur.

personal accident protection insurance
The above is a genuine picture from an existing client of Prizm Solutions. He has given us permission to use it. Ouch, we bet that hurt a lot! 

This is a client who didn’t have Personal Accident insurance at the time, and when he fell off his mountain bike, he hit a tree. The tree won and he couldn’t work for 8 months. This valued client is a self-employed business owner who has now got himself insured properly with Personal Accident insurance!

Did you know? There were over 640,000 workplace accidents reported in 2012/3 plus more than 2.7 million home and leisure related accidents.

Most prudent business owners insure their assets and their liabilities but they often fail to insure the most important thing; themselves! If they can’t work, in most cases they can’t earn, especially if they run a small business or are self employed.


Is Personal Accident Insurance worth it?

People tend to assume that Personal Injury Insurance is expensive, when in reality it is really cheap!

Let us give you a couple of real examples of how we have helped our clients:

  • A self employed Contractor working on site, has just insured himself with us to cover his earnings of up to £500 per week, plus lump sum benefits if he is permanently incapacitated of up to £100,000 – for £250 for the year. This excludes illness or sickness claims although that too can be included upon request subject to an additional premium.
  • Another client of ours, who is a partner in a Recruitment Consultancy likes having dangerous hobbies like wing-walking and cage-diving. He’s just insured himself and all of his fellow partners for up to £1,000 per week for less than £400 for all of them for the year! His hobbies may be a bit far out, but when it comes to business he sees the value of Personal Accident insurance not only for himself but other key personnel too.

No one wants to think about being unable to work and unable to earn for a significant amount of time, but that’s why we have insurance, for when bad things happen and Personal Accident insurance is well worth having a conversation with us about. Contact us today on 01827 313931.


Personal Accident Protection Insurance for Children

Another scary thing which no parent ever wants to consider is the financial cost of an accident involving your child. We can arrange Children’s Personal Accident insurance for less than £150 per annum which can provide a significant lump sum if your child is involved in a life changing accident.

You may also want to find out about Company Accident and Travel Insurance.  We’ve got a whole page dedicated to this kind of insurance or just give us a call on 01827 313 931.

We are independent brokers and we will never advise you to take out an insurance policy you don’t need. You may also be surprised to learn that we don’t charge for our services like most brokers. One of the founding principles of our business is to be open and honest, so we like to work on a fee basis rather than take commission from the insurance company we place your Personal Accident insurance or any other insurance with. We think this is more ethical and transparent.

We are at your disposal to discuss your insurance requirements and answer any questions you may have regarding any kind of insurance. So for advice or a quotation please contact us


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