Prize Insurance and Special Event Insurance

eventIf you are planning an event anywhere in the UK, especially an outdoor event, the weather is going to have crossed your mind! Well fear not. From our offices in Tamworth, Staffordshire we can provide bespoke insurance for pretty much any event whether it is in the West Midlands or any other part of the United Kingdom.

If you are holding a special and/or a one off event such as a Sponsored Walk, a Bonfire party, a Wedding Fair, a Music Festival or even just a special Birthday Party, then it’s prudent to arrange Public Liability insurance – just in case someone gets hurt. You may often find that the venue (and/or the local Council) will insist you hold adequate insurance – usually £2 Million or £5 Million of Public Liability insurance before the event can take place.

What you might not know is that if you’ve got volunteers helping then you’ll need Employers Liability insurance too. Again, this is just in case someone gets hurt, but also because it’s a legal requirement under the terms of the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969. Even if you’re not paying the volunteers, a ‘master/servant’ relationship exists between you so you have a legal obligation to insure them in case they get injured.

If the event is costing money, and let’s face it most do, you’ll need to consider Cancellation insurance as well. This insurance we find is especially useful in our Country with our unpredictable weather! Event Cancellation Insurance covers the costs and expenses you’ll incur if, for example, the venue goes up in flames or if adverse weather stops access. If you’ve got Event Insurance you’ll get your money back if the event doesn’t happen through circumstances over which you have no control!

If you’re hiring or supplying anything which could get damaged such as a marquee or generators, you can get event insurance against loss or damage – and you can even insure in case key speakers or the entertainment drop out too.

Multiple events can easily be taken into account and insured under one Event Insurance policy for less than you’d pay for separate policies.
Just tell us about your event and we’ll tailor the policy to whatever you want and need, and give you lots of advice too!

So, if you are someone looking for Event Insurance, are you offering a prize? Did you know we can arrange Prize Indemnity insurance? Roll a Dice! Hole in One! Lottery Jackpot! Crack the Safe! Any type of event including Sporting Challenges where a sum of money or a prize (winning a car for example) can be won, can be insured against as long as the odds are right.

For example, no one will insure you if you have to roll a 6 on a single dice to win a Rolls Royce but increase the number of dice to six or seven and it becomes insurable and we can arrange Prize Insurance! It’s the same with a Hole in One insurance. The usual requirement is a par 3 hole with a minimum of 150 yards for men, or 135 yards for a lady. For a longer hole, just get a sponsor lined up, tell us what the cost of the prize will be and we’ll sort the insurance!

Offering an amazing prize is a great way of generating promotional publicity for your business too, because you can provide headline grabbing prizes and if someone wins you can hand the cheque over with a smile on your face! This is the joy of taking out insurance for prizes.

So, if you are putting on an event you should talk to us about Event Insurance and if you want to maximise the publicity for your event why not offer a stunning prize and take out prize insurance? What makes us different from most brokers offering specialist types of insurance is that in most cases we don’t take a commission from the insurance companies for placing the business with them. We prefer to work on a fee basis so that our earnings are transparent, which we feel is more ethical and you can be certain that we have found you the best insurance solution for your particular event insurance and prize insurance.

Odds on, we will be able to help you with all of your insurance needs, so whatever you need insurance for, or if you are not sure whether you need insurance or not, just pick up the phone or email us and we will be more than happy to give you expert advice.  Please contact us for help and assistance with your event insurance and prize insurance.

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