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At Prizm Solutions we offer tailor made Public Liability Insurance coverage for any type or size of business operating in the county of Staffordshire and throughout the West Midlands.  Although we are based in Tamworth our expert team provides outstanding service to our clients all over the UK.

Public Liability Insurance is usually provided in multiples of millions of pounds – which sounds expensive, but premiums can start at under £100 per annum for low risk micro businesses.

Public Liability Insurance (or Third Party Liability Insurance) covers you against the cost of claims made by members of the public for incidents that occur in connection with your business activities.  It protects your business from the costs you may incur in respect of compensation claims for personal injuries, illnesses, death and loss of or damage to other people’s property.

Cover will include statutory liability such as arising from the Defective Premises Act 1972 and the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1984 and can be extended to cover work away from the UK anywhere in the world.

Public Liability Insurance does not provide any cover in respect of injury or illness to anyone working for you, be they employees, volunteers or anyone operating under a master/servant relationship, as this would be covered under an Employers Liability insurance policy instead.  For more information please click here.

Every policy has extensions and exclusions. Public Liability insurance can be extended to include cover in respect of Products Liability which covers you against injury or damage to property arising out of any product you supply.  This is particularly relevant to business who import goods from outside the EU as the Consumer Protection Act 1987 imposes a strict liability on product producers and crucially this defines a producer as being any person who has imported product from outside the EU who in the course of their business then supplies it to another. Click here a link to the Employers Liability page.

A standard Public Liability policy will cover you against liability arising from sudden and accidental pollution incidents, but for wider pollution cover you should consider buying Environmental Liability insurance which will cover you against gradually occurring pollution incidents. A Combined Liability policy may be more appropriate for your needs.  Please click here or use the form below or speak to one of our team on 01827 313 931.

Discounts are available for well run and established businesses especially those who have the following in place:

  • Full Health & Safety Policy with an ongoing contract with an IOSH registered consultant
  • ISO9001
  • Proof of 5 years claims free insurance

What makes us different from most brokers offering liability insurance is that we don’t usually take a commission from the insurance companies for placing your business with them. At Prizm we prefer to work on a fee basis so our customers know exactly what our earnings are which we feel is more ethical and above board.

If you are the Director or Owner of a business we aim to make arranging your insurance policies as trouble free as possible and we will give you expert advice that is specific to your individual requirements.  If you need a quote or have any questions about insurance no matter how large or small please contact us via phone or use the form below.  

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