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Prizm Specialists: Peter, Matt & Iain

Peter, Matt or Iain will guide you through the insurances that Prizm have to offer. They all have a wealth of experience in this very specialised area. Give Peter, Matt or Iain a call or drop them an email for more info or request a quote.

Scrapyard Liability Insurance
We have specialist knowledge of arranging Scrap Yard insurance covering Car Breakers, Breakers Yards, Vehicle Dismantlers and businesses engaged in Scrap Metal & Recycling.We can arrange Public Liability and Employers Liability insurance. We can also arrange for independent inspections of your plant and machinery to meet your legal requirements.

For more information on all aspects of Scrap Yard insurance please click on the Enquire/More info button below.

Probate Insurances
These specialist insurance policies are invaluable to the Executors, Trustees and Administrators of wills. They offer a wide range of protection in circumstances such as a missing beneficiary comes forward after the distribution of a deceased person’s estate. If documents are missing such as lost life insurance, lost title dead insurance, no section 27 notice insurance.

For more information on all aspects of probate insurances and executors insurance please see more info below.

Company Accident & Travel Insurance
Most businesses don’t insure their most valuable assets, that’s key people within the business and their employees. Company Accident and Travel Insurance costs much less than you expect. It is also possible to cover your staff and their families for pleasure trips.

If you are self-employed you may be unable to work for months. If you own a business imagine the impact of either yourself or a member of staff off work for many weeks. Talk to us about Company Accident and Travel Insurance.

Virtual Assistant Insurance
Are you a Virtual Assistant looking for information on the kind of Virtual Assistant Insurance you need? Then look no further. We have been insuring Virtual PA businesses for many years and unlike other insurers we know that you are multi-talented and do lots of different tasks depending upon what each client needs. This is important because if your policy says you are a book-keeper and you need to make a claim for some marketing work you’ve done, your insurer may decline your claim. That’s why you need to talk to us.

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Legionella Contractors & Consultants
Employers Liability, Public & Products Liability for specialist contractors in this sector. Unlike most of our competitors offerings, our policy specifically extends to include Pollution & cover for Legionella. Professional Indemnity can also be added – all provided by the same ‘A’ rated insurer, so that there aren’t any gaps in the policy coverage.

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Industrial Estate Insurance
A specialist blanket policy designed to cover the assets, earnings & liabilities of property owners, which will cover the whole estate including common parts, street furniture, access barriers & can cover unoccupied units too.

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Cyber Liability Insurance
We are the only insurance broker in the UK that really understands cyber liability insurance. We have helped several insurers to create their cyber insurance products and we have an accurate comparison of policies from the leading insurers. One of our directors is one of the top women in IT in the UK and we have run several events on this essential insurance sector.

Charity Insurance and Voluntary Organisations
Most of our team has volunteered and/or worked in the Third Sector, so we understand how charities and voluntary organisations work. We are also experts in arranging charity insurance and voluntary associations insurance. Because we care passionately about supporting good causes we charge our charity and voluntary sector clients the minimum we can to cover our costs.

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Tattoo Shop Insurance And Body Piercing Insurance
Traditionally it has been extremely difficult to arrange Tattoo Shop Insurance and Body Piercing Insurance, but working with one of the leading A rated insurance companies we are now able to offer insurance for businesses operating in these sectors. Contact one of our team of insurance experts, half of whom have been inked, based at our Tamworth office and we will aim to provide a quotation the same working day.

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Rights of light Insurance
If you are a property developer you have an obligation to ensure that you do not infringe the Rights of Light of neighbouring properties. This refers to the natural daylight your neighbours have a right to. Recent case law has changed the perceptions of risk for developers and rights to light.

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Personal guarantee Insurance
If you are a company director looking to raise finance for your business it is very probable that you will be asked for a Personal Guarantee. To protect your personal estate it is prudent to consider Personal Guarantee Insurance. This insurance has been designed to give company directors the peace of mind to focus on their business growth knowing that they have protection in place should the lender call on the guarantee. Talk to one of our business insurance experts today about Personal Guarantee Insurance.

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