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Traditionally Tattoo Artists and Body Piercers have found it difficult to get Tattoo Shop Insurance and Body Piercing Insurance.  That is until now.  As the leading insurance broker in Tamworth operating throughout the surrounding Lichfield and West Midlands area we are working with one of the leading A rated insurance companies to offer this cover to support the skilled and well established owner managers who are looking for tattoo studio insurance or insurance for body piercing.

Although this type of insurance has been really difficult to arrange this is no longer the case and Prizm Solutions can now provide bespoke insurance cover for any tattoo shop or body piercer operating in Staffordshire or anywhere in the United Kingdom.

As an expert broker able to offer Body Piercing Insurance and insurance for Tattoo Shops we don’t just give advice and arrange all kinds of insurance but to make it easier for our clients we offer a package of the insurance covers you need.  These insurance packages are ideas for body piercers and tattoo artistics who work from shop premises.  The insurance packages typically comprise Professional Indemnity Insurance, Employers Liability Insurance, Public & Products Liability Insurance plus Shop Contents Insurance. 

We only work with the best insurers and our Body Piercing Insurance and Tattoo Shop Insurance is arranged with a top ‘A’ rated insurance company who even offer interest free monthly instalments starting from under £20 per month!  We also aim to provide a quote the same working day so please contact our team of insurance professionals and they will help you to arrange cover for your Tattoo Shop Insurance or your Body Piercing Insurance.

Not every body piercer or tattoo artist can obtain this policy though… We’re only after the good and decent ones! The policy we’ve got is designed for those studios with a Hygiene Rating of 3 or 4.  We can accommodate studios with a level 2 rating, but, we’ll ask more questions and the premium might be higher.  If you’re only a level 1 – we’re really sorry but this isn’t the policy for you.

You may know that Employers Liability Insurance is one of the few compulsory insurances businesses operating in the UK must have even if your staff are casual or cash in hand.  You don’t have a choice you must have this insurance if you employ someone, but the benefit is that if one of them gets hurt and sues you (and yes, it does happen, trust us!) the claim will be covered, provided you have the correct insurance.

Public Liability Insurance is not compulsory but it’s really important to make sure you have protection and insure yourself against anyone that is not an employee claiming against you in the event of bodily injury in the course of providing services from your tattoo shop or body piercing studio.

We can also cover your shop Buildings, provided they are yours, this includes and/or the shop front and/or tenants improvements.  Tenant’s improvements are whatever has been spent inside the shop on the fabric of the building.  Plus the stock and the fixtures and fittings – the kinds of risks included in the insurance policy are things such as fire, storm, flood, theft, vandalism, impact plus less common risks such as earthquake, aircraft or lightning.

We would also recommend that you include Business Interruption (also known as Loss of Profits) in your insurance package.  In the event that something happens causing damage to your property, you can also cover yourself against the profits you have lost because through no fault of yours you couldn’t trade. This can also cover you losing profits if the electricity cable gets damaged by utilities or roadworks digging them up or if the tourist attraction next to you has a serious incident or someone gets killed in your doorway overnight – again trust us, it happens!

Money – this is effectively the theft of cash. Within reason. If you leave £100,000 in cash in your car don’t expect any sympathy from the insurance company. This can also cover Assault, which means this insurance pays a small benefit if someone gets injured during a robbery.

Glass – this insurance is really useful.  It covers the cost of boarding up and replacing broken windows. It can also cover your signage and sanitary fittings against damage.

If you are a body piercer, tattoo artist or proprietor you will be in safe hands when you talk to us.  We know what we’re talking about as we’ve over 100 years’ experience doing this sort of thing – and over half our team have been inked – and most of us want more, so we understand first-hand what you do and how you do it!

If you are an owner manager looking for Body Piercing Studio Insurance or the director or proprietor of a business with a requirement for Tattoo Shop Insurance you can be assured of our expert advice specific to your business sector.  For an informal chat about any aspect of insurance whether this is explicitly for tattoo studios or body piercing shops or anything else why not contact us to arrange a call back or send us an email if you would like a quotation.  Insurance arrangements need to be made correctly and making sure you get the right cover is what we are here for.  Let’s talk soon.

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